First day of our dog Alex at home: My Alex

My cute little pug…..what do i say about him….???

yes it is he not she….lol..

  1. His name is Alex………it was winters time ..when he first came to our home…..

My mom got him from  one of her old friend…i still remember …it was 6’0 clock in the morning, and when first time i saw him… , it was looking like a small cotton ball or like a small soft teddy bear of full white colour…,,and little bit of brownish on is ears and tail..

  • His first day

After coming to home .,,,everyone in our home said “hello cute little pie” to him..and our eyes was shining after looking at him…and he was like staring….at all of us..we were trying  to hold his hand to say hello…after that we put him down on the floor .And the moment he started shouting….it was like he took the whole house on his head…LOL.

Roaming here and there in the house..and was smelling everything…and first time he did his first potty at our house…on the mat..hahahaha..

He was so curious ,nervous,and what not…then my mom took him in her lap…and took him to the bed..and trying to make him sleep….but he wasnt sleeping….hen we fed hi little milk by dropper …..then also he wasnt sleeping ….ten we thought to give him teddy bears ..and guess what..???

We gave him teddy bears and he played with it..and then put his head on one of his favourite and slept over it…and that was such a funny and awesome and astonishing moment for us..then finally he slept..and we everybody also got realaxed…..but as usual..a new buddy came to our house ,,how we can sleep….LOL.. we again and again was going to the moms room….and was checking him…is eyes,,,nose…legs…sounds funny right??..

But yes it happened..then when he woke up …we made him to feel calm and relaxed…then on the bed we played with him with his teddy…now the teddys were all his….infact still...we buy teddy from the market …for Alex only..

Then mom took out an old warm and cozy sweater from the bed and started making his bed…to sleep…we also filled that sweater with lots of cotton…so that he feels comfortable..

IMG_20181111_000126then…like that only we had our whole day with him….quite funny ..

yup that was all of his first day ….

In the next blog…..i will talk about his habits and much more…so stay tuned…have a nice day…!!


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